Self-Driving Cars Will Improve Our Cities. If They Don’t Ruin Them. — Backchannel
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we’re falling asleep at the wheel. Most people in charge of shaping cities ...  haven’t realized what is about to hit them and the speed at which it is coming...The advent of autonomous vehicles couldn’t have happened at a better time. Or a worse one. Here’s how to steer towards the better outcome.

The Privacy Problem With Driverless Cars - The Atlantic
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these vehicles will also collect reams of personal information about their passengers... topic came up last week at a Congressional hearing on driverless cars, and the companies potentially doing the data-collecting were, and this is putting it gently, evasive.

Humans-machines: not a race but a climb, roped together

... high levels of skills obsolescence. We must anticipate massive quantitative and qualitative educational needs. Technological literacy will be key, obviously, but I also believe we will need to cultivate our “core human competencies”. Collaboration, empathy, active listening and caring, creativity ... anticipate the social effects of a “winner-…

Rise of the Robots Will Eliminate More Than 5 Million Jobs

About 7 million jobs will be lost and 2 million gained as a result of technological change in 15 major developed and emerging economies... "It is simply not possible to weather the current technological revolution by waiting for the next generation’s workforce to become better prepared."... "routine white-collar office functions at risk of being…

Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill
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carmakers must solve an impossible ethical dilemma of algorithmic morality.

GM and Lyft are teaming up to build self-driving cars
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competition in the ride-hailing market is really just the prelude to a much bigger fight over dominance of the self-driving car market over the next couple of decades... If cars are primarily rented, rather than owned, then they can be optimized for shorter trips ... Short-range, high-efficiency electric vehicles will become more practical. -…

Homo sapiens will be split into a handful of gods and the rest of us
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a new 300-page report ... looks at the likely effects of a robot revolution... huge numbers of jobs being wiped out: up to 35% of all workers in the UK and 47% of those in the US, including white-collar jobs... The longer you look, the more you find computers displacing simple work... while some jobs are replaced, new ones spring up that focu…

Elon Musk: owning a non-autonomous car ‘like owning a horse’
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it will be quite unusual to see cars that don’t have full autonomy – let say for new car production in the 15 to 20 years timeframe… for Tesla a lot sooner... at the point which cars are being made that have full autonomy, any cars that are being made that don’t have full autonomy will have negative value - Elon Musk says owning a non-autonomo…

The Autopilot is learning fast
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each Model S owners as an “expert trainer” ... each driver will train the autonomous features of the system to feed the collective network intelligence of the fleet by simply driving the electric vehicle on Autopilot... Model S owners are already taking to the Tesla Motors Club forum to describe how the Autopilot is improving... - The Autopi…

Two Paths Toward Our Robot Future
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an ongoing conflict between artificial intelligence and the linked but divergent project of intelligence augmentation... the difference between a future in which human capabilities are enhanced by technology and one in which humans are made effectively obsolete, versioned out by the consequences of our own ingenuity... we might be “in for an in…

Google's Cute Cars And The Ugly End Of Driving
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each and every one of Google robot cars has experienced the totality of everything all its siblings have experienced. Google’s cars have driven a total of 1.2 million miles on the roads.... effectively every single car has driven that distance, has experienced it. [plus] ... 3 million miles every day running scenarios This is a machine that lea…

Self-Driving Cars Disrupt the Crowd
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The four phases of self-driving car development suggest we’re 5-10 years out. - Self-Driving Cars Disrupt the Crowd | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Digital Business

The Uber Endgame

The subtext of Uber’s new products having the look and feel of a slightly shinier version of mass transit is, of course, that Uber wants to be privatized mass transit. In Uber’s grand vision, no one owns cars because nearly everyone is taken everywhere in a driverless, electric, omnisciently networked Uber conveyance that arrives precisely when it…

Ways to think about cars
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Cars are going to change a lot in the next few decades ... there are actually a number of separate things happening, which feed into each other and accelerate the pace of change.... it's now pretty easy to look at a car and say 'this should be a smartphone' ... To the extent that you add smart to a car, it should really be from the smartphone, …

How the driverless car could transform cities

By combining ride sharing with car sharing—particularly in a city such as New York—MIT research has shown that it would be possible to take every passenger to his or her destination at the time they need to be there, with 80 percent fewer cars. Clearing the roads of four out of five cars has momentous consequences for cities... - Full speed …

The Work And Inequality Challenge Of The Digital Revolution
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A significant proportion of tasks embedded in white-collar jobs can and will be automated in the years ahead. ... as much as 47 per cent of total US employment is at risk, while the equivalent figures for European countries ...from about 47 per cent in Sweden and the UK to 62 per cent in Romania... For now, however, what all too often passes as…

Self-Driving Cars Get a Code of Ethics
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When cars come with an 'ethics module', will it be optional? Will there be choices? Will you have to get an upgrade if you change your religious beliefs? Fun cans of worms: "a professor of philosophy at Cal Poly is exploring the ethical dilemmas that may arise when vehicle self-driving is deployed in the real world." - Self-Driving Cars Get …

The future of driverless cars is being shaped by a modified Land Rover
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In Bristol, a group of companies called the Venturer Consortium is planning the UK's first independent test site for driverless car technologies...The plan is to test the modified Wildcat on private and public roads in early 2016. The plan is to test the modified Wildcat on private and public roads in early 2016.

Making All Cars Driverless Would Reduce Emissions By 90 Percent

Spot the big IF*: "If a fleet of autonomous electric taxis were to replace everyone’s gas-powered, personal cars, we could see more than a 90 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions..." There is no specific reason why taxibots need to be electric. It would be great, but it may require regulation. Moreover, you could replace the current …

An executive's guide to machine learning

the competitive significance of business models turbocharged by machine learning is poised to surge... companies must have two types of people to unleash the potential of machine learning. "Quants" are schooled in its language and methods. "Translators" can bridge the disciplines of data, machine learning, and decision making by reframing the …

Could driverless cars own themselves?
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"in a world dominated by self-steering taxis, each ride becomes cheaper if the vehicles are autonomous rather than owned and run by major corporations... We can program it to ... make it the most moral, socially minded capitalist would not be self-aware... But they would be programmed to seek self-improvement in order to avoid bec…

How to Outsmart the Machines
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"There are many kinds of intelligence, and many kinds of stupidity. But not all are created equal. The intelligence of a computer is not the stupidity of a human, and vice versa. Which one would you rather be? ... One can be smart in stupid ways... or stupid in smart ways... technology’s making us stupid stupid — not just stupider, but stupider…

Driverless cars are going to make some people puke
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Surveys indicate ... most people also think they will be able to do things like watch videos, read, play  games, work, text, and browse the internet... content companies could be major beneficiaries from the self-driving car revolution... these types of activities are also the types of thing that increase the frequency and severity of motion si…

In The Future, Drones May Deliver You
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In addition to the piloted S2 and the newer four-seat S4, Joby has also started mapping out plans for its next-generation of unmanned, remotely controlled versions. In essence, drones for people.  - Forget Pizza: In The Future, Drones May Deliver You - ReadWrite

Driverless cars will shave '£265' off insurance premiums in five years
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Cars will 'eliminate bad driving' and halve insurance costs, according to industry experts - Driverless cars will shave '£265' off insurance premiums in five years - Telegraph

Self-driving cars and the Trolley problem
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"According to Morgan Stanley, self-driving cars will be commonplace in society by ~2025. This got me thinking about the ethics and philosophy behind these cars... can you imagine a world in which say Google or Apple places a value on each of our lives, which could be used at any moment of time to turn a car into us to save others?" - Self-dr…

Robots Really Are Going To Take Your Job
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Now that machines can diagnose cancer, trade stocks, and write symphonies, they're not just going to make humans more efficient as they have in the past—they are replacing them entirely and wrecking the economy along the way... Economists tend to dismiss robotization as just another form of "creative destruction." ... that's a mistake... this i…

The most important part of self-driving cars will be human control
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"... researchers in the field of human factors—experts on how people interact with machines—have shown that we shouldn’t ignore the human element of automated driving... When machines take over, the work required of the human is typically not remove... Rather, the job becomes different... require designing new, innovative ways to keep the drive…

How cities are outgrowing the automobile
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"the “new mobility”... cities in which residents no longer rely on their cars but on public transport, shared cars and bikes and, above all, on real-time data on their smartphones. ... transform not just transport but the cities themselves ... rebalance the public space and create a city for people ... less pollution, less noise, less stress... a …

The Autonomous Car of the Future Is Here
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"In October 2010 ... Google's fleet of self-driving cars had already collectively traversed some 140,000 miles of California asphalt... Last year, a BMW drove itself down the Autobahn, from Munich to Ingolstadt ... Audi sent an autonomous vehicle up Pikes Peak...n November, Toyota unveiled its Prius AVOS (Automatic Vehicle Operation System), whi…

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