Getting started with LinkedIn blogging

My second post as an accredited LinkedIn blogger covers how to apply to the Platform, and provides a look at the blogging interface

OhSoft( - Best Software Developer
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"oCam is 100% free Screen Recorder for home and office."

Instant, free screencasts
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Something I have to check out

Hashtag Europe: the Developers’ Cut

This video is aimed at developers interested in combining machine translation, automatic semantic analysis, human curation, faceted and federated search, and social media to create a machine-assisted multilingual longform content curation engine

How faceted search will help build the EU Online Public Space

A quick video about faceted search and the role it could play in helping people find opinions and ideas on EU policy.

Prezicast: Taming the Firehose
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2019 update: a short Prezicast video from 2013 on my personal productivity system, since covered on Medium:

Introducing the Brussels Bubble to some of its denizens
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Do we have a EU online public space? “If you know what EUR-LEX is, or have already forgotten how many Presidents the EU has and why, then you are part of the Brussels Bubble” - Speech, Civil Society Day, EESC, May 2012

EU Online Public Space – the PreziCast (updated)
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I was asked to give a training on the EU online public space to political science PhDs …On a whim I decided to record the audio, so I could try to make a Prezicast

Piloting a thematic online architecture for the EU (2003-07)
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Project manager and architect of a successful pilot to reorganise EUROPA along thematic lines, so people could figure out What the EC did, Why and How, in areas of interest to them, without studying its labyrinthine internal structure.

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