Introducing Constructive Voices
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Charities have such a huge range of positive stories to tell and practical solutions to offer on so many of the big issues we face today, but too often they’re taking place under the radar.Constructive Voices will link up journalists and charities and equip both to approach news in a more constructive way, directing journalists to charities which …

7 Tech Trends Chief Communications Officers Should Track in 2016 | Bob Pearson | LinkedIn

blogs and Twitter drive two-thirds of content flow. Mainstream media has become a catalyst that blogs and Twitter drive. Responsive Experience Tops Responsive Design: ... preparing for 10 types of customers ... you know who they are via their search terms ... content changes to meet their needs. We must know who they are and start building…

How to pitch the [tech] press
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The goal is to distinguish your story from the floods of others and pique a journalists’ interest enough that they want to write the story. A simple, well-crafted pitch makes this so much easier. - How to pitch the [tech] press — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium

The Art of Handling a PR Implosion
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Had Turing executives kept mum when the news broke, it is likely that the story’s lifespan would’ve been short lived. Unfortunately for them, Shkreli opened his mouth. - The Art of Handling a PR Implosion

How to get a journalist's attention
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my colleagues and I have created a site entitled, “How To Pitch Me” that aims to help those who strive to pitch reporters in today’s tech landscape.... While reading these various submissions, I have noticed that there are certain tips that repeatedly come up... Here are the top ten pointers... [and finally] ... many writers we asked, includin…

Press campaign for ECC-Net
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Quite enjoyed helping put together a press campaign for the ECC-Net, one of the Commission’s under-appreciated projects. 

A Manifesto for Building Relationships in the Digital Era
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"To zero-in on exactly what you want to say, what you want someone to take away and what you want someone to do is critical but just the beginning ... you then need to distill everything into something snackable, engaging and shareable, the amount of work and thoughtfulness intensifies. Essentially, to visually communicate through byte-sized nar…

The invasion of corporate news
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Great piece on corporate journalism from the FT. "The Richmond Standard is one of the more polished sites to emerge in the age of hyper-local digital news brands such as Patch and DNAinfo.com... it is run and funded by Chevron, the $240bn oil group which owns the Richmond refinery that in August 2012 caught fire... sending more than 15,000 reside…

Think-tanks and journalism: Making the headlines
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"think-tanks, the semi-academic institutions that come up with ideas for politicians [are] increasingly doing journalism—not just blogging and tweeting but foreign reporting, too. Deskbound journalists, meanwhile, are embracing data and spreadsheets." Really? Think tanks are basically glorified PR firms for political movements/parties, so this mo…

Brace For The Corporate Journalism Wave
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"Corporations are tempted to take over journalism with increasingly better contents. ... dangers and hopes for new revenue streams." Interesting figures on the decline in journalists and the rise of PR specialists, cause by 2 trends: "while the journalistic staffing is shrinking dramatically ... the public relation crowd is rising in a spectacul…

Why email pitches are like movie trailers
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"Crafting the perfect pitch: Create a message, tailor it to your audience, and include a call to action. Journalists, bloggers, and other PR pros receive dozens of email pitches a day. To make your pitch stand out, take a page from movie marketers. They’re experts in capturing the audience’s attention in three minutes or less and leaving them on …

Meet Ketchum, Putin's spin doctor
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I wonder if their EC clients know? "Since 2006, Ketchum... has billed millions of dollars to the Kremlin to advise and assist Moscow with improving its image in the West. ... one former employee says the client is probably not getting its money’s worth: “I can imagine my old Ketchum colleagues holding their heads in anguish ... This is way, way, w…

10 mind-boggling things I've heard working in PR
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"Placing quantity above quality, asking for non-nitpicky editing, and seeking an entrée into a journalist's 'Rolodex'—these are a few of our least-favorite things." God, a pastiche of this for EU comms is almost inevitable...

Starting A Successful Blogger Outreach Program
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"She was presenting on Blogger Relations – Why and How to Get Started. A perfect topic for her since she knows the issue from both sides. I asked her what was an important takeaway from her talk. Here is what she shared." - from the @Steveology blog

Behind Putin’s Op-Ed and the Growing Power of Publicists
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“We now know that there’s sleight of hand, and special effects, behind what we read in the newspaper.”... You didn’t know before?? What’s the % of newspaper stories with PR behind them in some way? 40%? 50%? More?

Pitching Journalists on Social Media
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"some solid rules for when it's cool and when it's creepy to contact a journalist. Here are 10 tips on how to pitch a journalist on social media, largely based on the experiences of Mashable's editorial team. "

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