10 regional newspapers telling stories on Google+
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"Google Stories and ... Hangouts on Air will both play a role in initial experiments ... "Say the council is shutting down the swimming pool," she said of how Hangouts on Air may be used, "we can get a member of the community to talk to the chief executive of the council, what their plans are, why they're doing it. Then we can take that, repackag…

The death of Google Authorship and the journalist as brand

"just because the overlord of search has decided who actually wrote a post isn't all that important, doesn't mean the concept of the journalist as brand isn't still on the up.... ... 'trust' as a variable in an algorithm was unnecessary. Users use Google to search organically using keywords; they get their news from trusted sources on social med…

It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results
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" in-depth article, which I’ve jointly co-written with Mark Traphagen, will cover the announcement of the end of Authorship, the history of Authorship, a study conducted by Stone Temple Consulting that confirms one of the stated reasons for cessation of the program, and some thoughts about the future of author authority in search."

The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship
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"test data collected from three years of Google Authorship convinced Google that showing Authorship results in search was not returning enough value compared to the resources it took to process the data." - It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results

Webs of flesh, spun over saleable data
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Apparently we are all now "little more than webs of flesh spun over packages of saleable data", according to a searing indictment of Google's anti-anonymity policy specifically. This is required reading for anyone interested in a balanced view of anonymity, privacy and public discourse: "The Google+ so-called "real name" policy can best be descr…

Google+ & SEO: important case study
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"A single +1 from an authoritative Google+ account can propel a brand new site to a top 10 ranking with no other promotional activity involved, as long as the site being promoted is in the same niche as the Google+ account" - 8 Reasons Why You Need to Establish Authority on Google+

The Small Business Guide To Google+ - Simply Business
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"Follow this step-by-step guide and make Google+ an effective part of your marketing strategy. Simply work your way through the questions. Clicking 'no' will reveal links to further resources."

Google+ isn't a social network; it's The Matrix | theguardian.com
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All true and a v. nice metaphor. But it is also quite a good social network, with more intelligent conversations and a higher S/N ratio than average: "The reason why it doesn't seem like much of a social network is that the "friending" and "following" are just an accidental outgrowth of what it really does - being an invisible overlay between you…

I want to post 4 images in a particular order

"I want to post 4 images in a particular order, and there doesn't seem to be anyway of doing it!"

How to Market your Content on Google Plus
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"Google+ is much more about learning and educating than Facebook. People tend to be more serious and want deeper and more insightful content than pictures of puppies and cats." Hooray for that!

Brian Jensen - Google+ - Google Plus: The Ultimate Guide to Ultimate Guides It's…

"you'll finds posts and resource guides that cover best practices for posting, sharing, etiquette, circles, communities, authorship, Hangouts and more! All of the content I'm sharing has been created to help you have fun and make the most of your time on Google+."

The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Google Plus
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"A comprehensive 360 view of what you can measure in Google+, including: -Measuring Activity Within Google Plus -Measuring Activity Surrounding Your Website in Google Plus -Measuring Activity On Your Website Driven by Google Plus 14 Activities You Can Measure from Google Plus 26 Metrics You Need to Pay Attention To 10 KPIs That You Can Use for Yo…

Who can see my g+ Posts - Google Drive

great visual presentation on different Google+ sharing options

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