Helping You See Outside Your Bubble
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to give our audience a glimpse at what’s happening outside their own social media spaces... Outside Your Bubble feature will appear as a module at the bottom of some widely shared news articles and will pull in what people are saying about the piece on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, the web, and other platforms.

BuzzFeed Press Blog
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Instead of pushing news, it’s going to gather news. ... It’s not only going to tell you funny, interesting, and insightful stuff. (Although it will.) It’s also going to ask questions... depending on whether you’re a conventiongoer, a protester, or watching along at home. And it will use those reactions and inbound information to inform BuzzFeed Ne…

What BuzzFeed's Dao Nguyen Knows About Data, Intuition, And The Future Of Media
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To understand what makes BuzzFeed tick, you need to know how Dao Nguyen thinks about data... As the value of content approaches zero, "Having technology, data science, and being able to know how to manage, optimize and coordinate your publishing is the thing that gives you a competitive advantage"... One myth is data scientists are telling report…

With a bet on a platform strategy, BuzzFeed faces business challenges
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BuzzFeed has mastered the art of distributed publishing... 5 billion views per month ... across 30 platforms, from Facebook to Pinterest to Snapchat. In a month it does 3 billion video views, less than 5 percent of which are on But BuzzFeed must navigate a thorny transition... What’s the ROI of (brand) cat videos? Marketers al…

Publishers Are Selling Out to Facebook
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Publishers like the New York Times should be having an existential crisis over Facebook’s instant articles. Instead they’re embracing them.. digital content is being divided between a lucrative high-end entertainment world,... and a low-end publishing world where content is expected to be “free,” ... a model that... might work to BuzzFeed’s adv…

Do BuzzFeed’s native political ads cross a line? - Columbia Journalism Review
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BuzzFeed is perhaps the most prominent outlet yet to promise sponsored content for political candidates.... will create and sell native advertising for office seekers in 2016, a potentially lucrative move in an election cycle that is expected to see $1 billion spent on digital ads, up from just $22 million in 2008. The move could herald in a new m…

Why BuzzFeed is the Most Important News Organization in the World
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"the Internet has dismantled newspaper’s geographic monopoly & business model ... & also upended the core assumptions underlying the actual journalism ... BuzzFeed as an organization has been figuring out what works online for over eight years now, and while “The Dress” may have been unusual in its scale, its existence was no accident... BuzzFee…

BuzzFeed sets up health and science desk
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"Hughes will be establishing a health and science desk that will consist of approximately five reporters, according to an email from BuzzFeed. A science staff of that size will catapult BuzzFeed News into the top tier of science news sites by sheer size alone. It won't have the largest staff of science reporters, but it will be among the largest. …

The Independent gets its BuzzFeed on
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" The Independent... on the hunt for digital growth ... taking a page out of the book of digital native publishers with high-metabolism, social media-optimized content with the newly launched i100, a site heavy on visuals that offers social media-oriented twists on the news, explainers and viral Web commentary. The result: stories like “Has the Ry…

Why It's Good to Be a "Technology Company"
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(and why I joined a technology company, not another comms agency): "...organizations that had software engineers and Web enthusiasts in the room when big decisions were made navigated the seas of change more successfully than those that didn’t... When you think about how news and entertainment have been delivered over the internet so far, four m…

BuzzFeed branching out
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"new cash infusion will be used to ... introducing new content sections, creating an in-house incubator for new technology and potential acquisitions, and putting far more resources toward its Los Angeles-based video arm... led by Ze Frank, a web video pioneer, aims to produce new videos — from six-second clips made for social media to more tradit…

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