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The text will be central to digital media of the future

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In fact, a large majority of people –even among younger readers – still prefer to read something written on paper, as opposed to digital texts. An explanation can be found in the brain.

cognitive tools the brain uses to make text comprehensible. This manifests itself in three ways: You position information on a page.  ... You see beginnings and ends:  ... You have physical contact with the text: ...

Digital interruptions affect our concentration ... Reading interruptions activate our short-term memory and this inhibits our concentration and ability to learn.
A simple writing tip with great effect... One of these linguistic tricks is, stories. Stories create a fixed structure in our language. This makes the world (and texts) easier to understand and depict... basic story: Somebody does something. 
"Nothing can surpass a text when it comes to transforming abstract thoughts into concrete expression."

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