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The psychology of cheap - cheap publishing and storage

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A story from 2019

"...a web manager who was quite stressed about the fact that they had a website with 500 pages of content. It was simply too much for them to keep up-to-date. I met the same manager recently and asked them how they were getting on.
Everything was great now.
“How many pages do you have on the site now?” I asked.
“Thousands” was the reply.
“Thousands? But the last time I met you, you were stressed out because you felt you couldn’t manage 500.”
“Yes, but now that there are thousands of pages, nobody expects me to manage anything.
I used to constantly fight with people, telling them that they can’t publish this and they can’t publish that.
But now, I just go with the flow and put up whatever content I’m asked to put up.”

Content management today

Content management has always been an oxymoron. It was never really about management.
It has always been about cheap publishing and storage.

What data for AI?

"Artificial intelligence learns by analysing existing data.
What sort of AI is going to evolve that’s fed on 90% junk data?" [see: Digital is mainly garbage. ]
Cheap makes us lazy. Cheap makes us short-term thinkers. Cheap makes us mindless producers and consumers.

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