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The language of design

The language of design

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A good design process similarly evolves through iterations until it’s ready to be put in front of users. How these things fit together on a physical thing or a website or a web app is much more three-dimensional. How is someone navigating through it? How are these things co-located together? Which pages are we grouping together? Can people find them?

GD: As you moved into web publishing, how did you balance the creative element of writing with some of the more analytical considerations which web writing involves?

E McG: The key learning was moving away from a focus on “pages” which was how we thought in publishing – on the web the words express themselves interactively as building blocks – some will become buttons, links and other navigational items. So, I started to see writing less about producing prose and more about sewing together a patchwork quilt.
I also became less attached to the tone of voice and more interested in simplicity and utility. In the end I felt more like an architect than a prose-writer, putting LEGO blocks together in the most useful way possible for users.

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