The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen – The Mission – Medium
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led prospects through the following five elements, in precisely this order: #1. Name a Big, Relevant Change in the World... the undeniable shift in the world that creates both (a) big stakes and (b) huge urgency for your prospect.... most pitch advice ... is to start with “the problem.” When you assert that your prospects have a problem, you put …

Want to Improve Your Customer Experience? Teach Your Team to Tell Better Stories
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Bezos and his team ... removed PowerPoint ... Instead, they distribute six-page narrative-based memos, that all attendees read in silence at the start of each meeting... "Reports should be distributed, presentations should be presented." ... if a report primarily conveys information, then stories produce an experience... facts and stories can be …

Want a Better Pitch? Master the Move
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Take a look at any successful sales pitch, investor pitch, or marketing message, and you’ll nearly always find the Move... can make your website messaging more engaging, your positioning more powerful, and your product collateral more effective. - Want a Better Pitch? Master the “Move.” — Firm Narrative — Medium

3 Components All Successful Presentations Have

The secret to improvement is to realize that all successful presentations have 3 components, the relative proportion of which differs according to what the presentation's goal is. - 3 Components All Successful Presentations Have | Andras Baneth | LinkedIn

Metaphors rock your Presentation
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"Metaphors can help by tapping what learning theorists call prior knowledge to make a connection between what people already understand through experience and what they have yet to discover." Some good brainstorming techniques here. - Finding the Right Metaphor for Your Presentation

"Character-driven, emotional stories result in better understanding"
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"recent scientific work is putting a much finer point on just how stories change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors... to motivate a desire to help others, a story must first ... develop tension during the narrative... it is likely that attentive viewers/listeners will come to share the emotions of the characters in it and continue mimicking t…

The Quick and Dirty on Data Visualization
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"Displaying data can be a tricky proposition, because different rules apply in different contexts. A sales director presenting financial projections to a group of field reps wouldn’t visualize her data the same way that a design consultant would in a written proposal to a potential client. So how do you make the right choices for your situation? …

Basic Principles of Presentation Design
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"Creating a beautiful presentation requires a symphony of visual elements to work together for a “big picture.” Designers seek to make the entire vision work together in terms of how each part interacts. This includes layout, typography, and imagery, which all add up to a cohesive set of design elements. So, how can you orchestrate the chaos of de…

Haiku Deck - Online Presentation Software
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Worth a look "Meet Haiku Deck, a completely new kind of presentation software. We make telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun."

He's a Powerpoint Monkey, not a schmuck

I Just Love This: "For the love of Christ, please let the poor schmuck who is charged with the incredibly demeaning task of hitting the space bar to change the screen just do his one measly job with some dignity. He can figure out if you've finished talking about the slide or not on his own, you don’t need to manually tell him to go on each time.…

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