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The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen – The Mission – Medium

The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen – The Mission – Medium

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led prospects through the following five elements, in precisely this order:
#1. Name a Big, Relevant Change in the World... the undeniable shift in the world that creates both (a) big stakes and (b) huge urgency for your prospect.... most pitch advice ... is to start with “the problem.” When you assert that your prospects have a problem, you put them on the defensive... when you highlight a shift in the world, you get prospects to open up about how that shift affects them, scares them, ... opportunities... what attracts human attention is change...
#2. Show There’ll Be Winners and Losers... That adapting to the change ... likely result in a highly positive future ... and That not doing so will likely result in an unacceptably negative future ...
#3. Tease the Promised Land... both desirable and difficult to achieve ... a new future state, not your product or service.... also crucial for helping prospects pitch your solution to colleagues after your sales meeting ends...
#4. Introduce Features as “Magic Gifts” for Overcoming Obstacles to the Promised Land... follow the same narrative structure as epic films and fairy tales. Your prospect is Luke, and you’re Obi Wan,.. introduce your product or service... by positioning its capabilities like the lightsaber... as “magic gifts” ...
#5. Present Evidence that You Can Make the Story Come True... a success story about how you’ve already helped someone else (who is similar to the prospect) reach the Promised Land... Product demos are the next most effective evidence...
the entire organization must align around the narrative about change, Promised Land, and Magic Gifts... the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to sales nirvana.

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