How to explain WTF your company does when no one’s listening
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most crucial ... question to answer as a founder: “What exactly does your company do?” ... here are four storytelling blunders to avoid... [dont] spill an alphabet soup of generic industry buzzwords ... too much technical jargon ... [do] refocus on the problem you’re solving... concrete evidence of your company’s upside succinct... clear…

The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen – The Mission – Medium
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led prospects through the following five elements, in precisely this order: #1. Name a Big, Relevant Change in the World... the undeniable shift in the world that creates both (a) big stakes and (b) huge urgency for your prospect.... most pitch advice ... is to start with “the problem.” When you assert that your prospects have a problem, you put …

Want a Better Pitch? Master the Move
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Take a look at any successful sales pitch, investor pitch, or marketing message, and you’ll nearly always find the Move... can make your website messaging more engaging, your positioning more powerful, and your product collateral more effective. - Want a Better Pitch? Master the “Move.” — Firm Narrative — Medium

How to get a journalist's attention
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my colleagues and I have created a site entitled, “How To Pitch Me” that aims to help those who strive to pitch reporters in today’s tech landscape.... While reading these various submissions, I have noticed that there are certain tips that repeatedly come up... Here are the top ten pointers... [and finally] ... many writers we asked, includin…

Pitching Journalists on Social Media
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"some solid rules for when it's cool and when it's creepy to contact a journalist. Here are 10 tips on how to pitch a journalist on social media, largely based on the experiences of Mashable's editorial team. "

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