All the news that’s fit for you: The New York Times is experimenting with personalization to find new ways to expose readers to stories » Nieman Journalism Lab

small experiments aimed at customizing that story selection to the individual reader, based on a variety of signals... where readers are located... the last time a reader visits the site. If,... publishes a particularly enterprising story on a Monday, but a reader doesn’t visit ... after that story has left the homepage ... personalize the user’s…

Why Content Personalization Is Not Web Personalization
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What’s the difference between customization and personalization? - Customization: The visitor deliberately chooses between options designed to make the user experience more personal.- Personalization: The visitor is automatically shown personalized pages based on anticipated needs / wants.

Transform Web Tags into Rich Customer Data
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A glimpse into tomorrow's ultra-personalised web, when these technologies migrate out of marketing into CMS ... "an engine to generate custom sets of tags for each Web site visitor.... the next step is to assemble the tag data into detailed individual profiles for personalization, testing, attribution, and other purposes... These features go bey…

Intranets Reimagined: Breaking down "Intranet Look"

"we’ve applied econometric principles to the results of over 200 intranet surveys and… statistically pinpointed which intranet attributes most impact a user’s perception of their intranet. This first post... showing what employees prefer to look and find when they view their company’s intranet." Some surprising results, For example, although I'…

Rethinking & redesigning Google News
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How much more could Google News be? See "... a presentation that a German designer came up with that involved a wholesale redesign and re-thinking of what Google News is and does." Lots of good stuff here. Particularly like how 'smart personalisation' is used to help penetrate the filter bubble: "automatically suggest related stories on a news t…

Personalise your storytelling by mining your archives
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Personalise your storytelling by mining your archives: The Australian launches Storyline: getting something out of its first 50 years and making it relevant to readers.

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