"All the" tweak live, more to come

We've tweaked the navigation phrase so that the default is to show "All the" resources on your home page, rather than just "The Best". More tweaks are on the way.

New York Times: The homepage still plays a prominent role
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The news organisation has mostly been focusing on revamping its mobile apps, but the next step is bringing some of the learnings back to the homepage... third in a series looking at how news organisations are now approaching the homepage, after it was pronounced dead by many in 2014... our real challenge everyday is to come in and say 'ok, who…

Distributed platforms will be your new homepage

My prediction for 2016 is that distributed platforms and native environments will be more valuable than the traditional homepage.... Apple News and Apple TV, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, Twitter Moments, Snapchat Discover, 360º video and VR, over-the-top TV, chat apps — these are all products, platforms, and programs developed (ish — G…

Introducing a new homepage for Quartz
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Our first attempt devoted much of the homepage to a continually updated news briefing. We are dispensing with that briefing today to try something else. Homepages, it turns out, aren’t dead so much as reborn.

The homepage's dead, but Quartz just built one
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Others have written on the return of the enewsletter, but I don't think anyone saw it as the home page: "Yes, the homepage is still dead, which is why our new front door is quite different from most. ... we are offering an efficient briefing on global business news, ... intended to be read straight through, like a well written memo from a trusted…

Homepage die-off, news die-off?
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"The New York Times lost 80 million homepage visitors—half the traffic to the nytimes.com page—in two years.... this will make the news more about readers ...[because] homepages reflect the values of institutions, and Facebook and Twitter reflect the interest of individual readers [who] aren't interested in hard news, but rather entertainment, se…

FAQ: Why is my Home Page empty? (deprecated)
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Update (15/5/2022): the default Hub Homepage is now "All the Stuff you Like, Think and Do about Everything, Anytime...", so your HomePage will not be empty as soon as you publish your first item.Original post follows:---The content you're creating is not showing up on your Home Page because your Home Page only shows Highlighted item…

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