What kind of bubble is AI?
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"All economic bubbles are hugely destructive, but some ... leave behind (useful) wreckage that can be salvaged":the first dotcom bubble left behind "cheap servers, office furniture and space... a generation of young people ,,, trained as web makers... technologists from non-technical backgrounds"crypto bubble: "a smatterin…

What We Want Doesn’t Always Make Us Happy
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Much of modern economic theory is based around a simple idea: Human beings maximize utility... To an economist, utility simply means how much people want something... tend to assume that utility is good... But what if the things people desire don’t bring them happiness?...People seem to reliably seek out a few things that make them unhappy... peop…

The Servitude Bubble
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I’m going to call it a Servitude Bubble... makes a small number of people something like neofeudal masters, lords with a corncucopia of on-demand just-in-time luxury services at their fingertips... by making a very large number of people glorified neo-servants…butlers, maids, chauffeurs, waiters, etcetera....“jobs”, sure — but only of the lowes…

Saving the eurozone; not the people
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Great example of modern US longform content from Vox, where they use a specific style to link to one of their 'content cards'. Plus a killer quote on the 'blame Brussels' syndrome: "... banks that owned eurozone government debt were saved, and so were institutions around the world ... Meanwhile, politicians got to take credit for keeping their c…

The End of Average
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Great perspective from Ben Thompson on how today's internet flips the bell curve into a power curve, and what that means for anyone producing content which is not best-of-breed: "The implication of news consumption being dominated by the tall skinny part of the power curve is that those who can regularly appear there – the best of the best – are …

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