Do you remember LiveJournal? It was part of my teenage identity.

Ah yes. I actually still use mine (mostly for book reviews).

Livejournal Survey

Worth doing if you care about LJ.

A celebration of old-school Livejournal
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How it was in the old days.

siderea: [lj] Credit where credit is due
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An appeal for sanity re livejournal.

Exclusive: LiveJournal all but abandons U.S. presence
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Headline exaggerates - still some staff in USA, but not many.


Fixed! Hooray!

synecdochic: LiveJournal's DDoS and Russian Politics

I must say I am favourably impressed by the positive and supportive attitude taken by Dreamwidth's team to LJ's recent problems.

Medvedev criticizes illegal attack on his blog | Reuters

Russian President hits out at hackers who mounted DDoS attack on Livejournal.

Our discussion

Is this a discussion?

MegaTokyo - [579] Seraphim's Live Journal Theater

Of course, in the days of Facebook it should be done with much shorter sentences.

qcjeph: Seriously, stop it
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Couldn't agree more!

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