How to Be an Expatriate in 2020
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There's a lot of it about.

Computer says no to Europeans in Britain
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I remember when Brexiteers were telling us that there was nothing to worry about, and then that it was all fake news.

A time for generosity
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And we're not seeing it form the British government towards EU citizens who have lived in the UK for many years.

EU nationals are fearful. And after Windrush, they should be
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In case it needed to be said.

Personal Story: Why I became German
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Tremendously moving.

Bye-Bye, Balkans: A Region in Critical Demographic Decline
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Absolutely fascinating - and worrying - from @timjudah1.

‘I’ve been here 50 years’: the EU citizens struggling for the right to stay in Britain
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Home Office doing its job by making foreigners feel unwelcome. Brexiters, are you proud?

Noel Grealish’s views of asylum seekers are based on myth
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The truth about asylum seekers in Ireland.

Brussels - A lovely melting-pot
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Glorious data visualisation of where Brussels' many migrants have come from and now live.

UK-born baby of parents with right to remain given six-month tourist stamp

“she [the baby] has six months to be here as long as she does not engage in work. I don’t think she will applying for a job any time soon”

Notes on Citizenship
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On having two passports.

Shamima Begum will not be allowed here, says Bangladesh | UK news | The Guardian
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“Bangladesh asserts that Ms Shamima Begum is not a Bangladeshi citizen. She is a British citizen by birth and never applied for dual nationality with Bangladesh … There is no question of her being allowed to enter into Bangladesh.”

Warning lights flashing over EU settled status app
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Only available on Android, and doesn’t work properly. #BritainOfTheWelcomes

Home Office refuses to let great-grandparents remain in UK

They have been in UK for 40 years and are key carers for their autistic grandson. Tories, are you proud?

When you pander to anti-immigration views, you are feeding conspiracy theories
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“mainstream politicians have lost control of the immigration narrative. Take back control of that, and everything else will follow.”

Frail OAP faces deportation after Home Office say he’s not ill enough to stay with wife
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British government’s war on resident foreigners continues.

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