Social media's right wing bias is baked in to its business model
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@mariafarrell spells it out.

Political Advertising: Twitter Makes a Change
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My @APCOWorldwide colleagues @MaddieMonMon & @jumanjimonge comment.

Political Leaders Should Stop Caring About Twitter
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A useful corrective. (Which I then posted to Twitter.)

The world is a terrible place right now, and that’s largely because it is what we make it
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Wil Wheaton gets treated worse on Mastodon than on Twitter, and that’s saying something. So he’s giving up on social media.

When EU SuperGirl came to Brussels – Mathew Lowry
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An interesting lesson. @mathewlowry @albawhitewolf

Monroe v Hopkins (PDF)

Ends with nice three-page summary of how Twitter works.

The Brexit debate – flailing around in a pool of shit
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@JonWorth's pungent week on Twitter.

What I Want Out of Twitter

@Scalzi on de-trolling your feed.

The End of Twitter
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It may all be over soon...

Twitter staff not told they were laid off
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I Wrote A Bot That Won Twitter Contests
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But was it really worth it?

France's Tweeting Ambassador to the US
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Nice profile.

How do International Organisations Tweet in 2015?
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Better than they used to, apparently.

Twitterstorm ahead – EU VAT Action Tuesday 16th December
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Taking online action to save microbusinesses.

Twitter usage SOARS in Turkey
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The ban that failed.

Merkel in London: a case study in political tweeting
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The social media view. (I was on the fringes of this event myself, but have nothing to report.)

People held umbrellas over the people holding umbrellas over him

Sometimes not such a bad world after all.

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