Is it time to reassess the Arms Trial, and the role of Jack Lynch?
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Former Taoiseach John Bruton reviews the new book by Michael Heney, and adds a few points of his own.

Diplomacy, disrupted
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Good long piece. Ireland getting it right; US and UK getting it wrong.

Tiede Herrema: ‘The kidnappers were nervous. So was I’
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Fascinating inyterview with Dr Herrema, who has just died three days after his 99th birthday.

Railway radicalism beats motorway madness… but new high-speed lines are off the menu
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Excellent piece on infrastructure needs in Northern Ireland, especially west of the Bann.

Before and After Science: Books on Irish Science
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Cor. This list was published 8 years ago, but gives the book-of-my-PhD-thesis a rave review. So it must be a very good list.

The new Sinn Fein Vote. Why can’t we have nice things?
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@ConBrunstrom's take.

The forgotten history of Constance Markievicz, the first female MP
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@AnnaCafolla writes for the @NewStatesman. I don't think her history has been forgotten in Ireland!

In The Coombe, an Exhibition Recalls Plans for | Dublin Inquirer
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Irish Fascist architecture.

The Power (and Limits) of Boris Johnson on Brexit
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Interesting analysis of the relationship with Varadkar.

Noel Grealish’s views of asylum seekers are based on myth
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The truth about asylum seekers in Ireland.

Ireland looks to Europe
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The brutal linkage, back in 1962: “If the UK joins the EEC, Ireland will too. If the UK stays out, so will Ireland.”

Alternative Arrangements
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Good summary from @JP_biz.

Borderline Nationality Disorder
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About the Drummully Polyp.

Why Brexiteers forgot about the Border
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Honest admission of error from@OliverNorgrove. At least I called this one at the time.

Irish Border: The 310 Miles Breaking Brexit

This is a great profile of @BorderIrish - well worth a look.

An Irish pub born in the Dark Ages
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1100 years of serving drinks in Athlone!

Fintan O’Toole: ‘Yeats Test’ criteria reveal we are doomed

If Heaney is fashionable, the times are good; if Yeats, watch out!

Kevin Barry: The belligerence and brilliance of Flann O’Brien

Great piece about a great biography of a great writer.

Brexit: Cox, Barnier and the blame game begins

More excellent stuff from @TConnellyRTE.

How should Ireland’s MEPs be elected amidst Brexit uncertainty?
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Michael Gallagher argues that votes should be counted twice, covering both possible seat allocations. I agree.

Brexit: The narrow precipice to a last-gasp deal
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@TonyConnellyRTE has the latest - a better summary than you will read in most British papers.

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