The Space Review: The genre-defining astronaut/ex-astronaut autobiographies
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More books that I would really like to read!

The Apollo Mission That Nearly Ended With a Mutiny in Space
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None of the Apollo 7 astronauts flew in space again...

Operation Backfire
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Great LRB article by Francis Spufford - from 1999! - about the rise and fall of the UK space programme. With bonus meeting between Clarke, Lewis and Tolkien.

A 50th, a 100th and Shooting for the Moon (Cautiously)
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Reflection from my @APCOWorldwide colleague @MyNameIsEarl.

Why Europe should look to the stars
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The EU and space

Do Astronauts Make Good Politicians?
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Difficult to tell. They left out Valentina Tereshkova, who is a member of the Russian State Duma.

A new frame for the sky
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Knowing where we are more precisely.

Six Flags on the Moon: What is Their Current Condition?

Not great, as far as we can tell.

A hitchhiker's guide to Galileo and Brexit
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@SophiaBesch of @CER_EU advocates a compromise.

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