Is it time to reassess the Arms Trial, and the role of Jack Lynch?
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Former Taoiseach John Bruton reviews the new book by Michael Heney, and adds a few points of his own.

Discover the Home of Thrones Virtually
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Virtual tour of Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland!

Wildflowers thriving at Giant's Causeway in absence of visitors during coronavirus lockdown

A rather small but colourful silver lining.

Quarantine Day 30 - Catastrophic Times, Forever
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@cdotcampbell: “The world as we knew it in February 2020 is gone.”

Coronavirus: Northern Ireland is going its own route, as best it can
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Balanced from @IanJamesParsley.

Railway radicalism beats motorway madness… but new high-speed lines are off the menu
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Excellent piece on infrastructure needs in Northern Ireland, especially west of the Bann.

The Northern Ireland Secretary of State league

Harsh but largely fair. I would put Peter Brooke a lot higher, and Mayhew (who really had no clue) much lower.

The Seamus Mallon I knew: a brave and generous Irish chieftain
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Lovely tribute by @AndyJPollak.

The Tory landslide and the Irish Sea
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@TConnellyRTE on form again.

In North Belfast, an old struggle has a new face. Can the DUP hold on?
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I stood in North Belfast in 1996. All three of this year’s candidates will do better tHan I did...

Can Steve Aiken save the Ulster Unionist Party?
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Very interesting question, and interesting interview.

The Power (and Limits) of Boris Johnson on Brexit
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Interesting analysis of the relationship with Varadkar.

Is anyone actually listening to the DUP?
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As @patrickkmaguire pointes out, @DUPleader tends to mean what she says, and to say what she means.

This woman could hold the UK’s fate in her hands
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Brussels takes notice of @naomi_long.

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