Doctor Who 1970 – how Radio Times went behind the scenes 50 years ago
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Rare photos from the archives of the people who made Jon Pertwee's classic adventures

Michael Scott's top 10 Doctor Who creatures
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Wot no zygons?

“We didn’t start the Time Lords”
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A guide to all of the people who were in the Doctor's memory blipvert in The Timeless Children, by @feelinglistless.

A response to some peoples' response to The Timeless Children
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How the new Doctor Who continuity solves a number of problems.

Christopher Eccleston: ‘I really felt that I was going to die’
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Moving interview. Look forward to seeing him at @gallifreyone.

Obituary: Fleet Street veteran Paul Eccleston, 1951-2019

Christopher Eccleston’s uncle, who died in June, was head of news at the @BelTel in the mid-1990s.

A Missing Festive Doctor Who Story!
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Hooray! @JulietEMcKenna’s lost story of how the Doctor met Dickens, restored to us by @Paul_Cornell!

What Stanley Kubrick didn't say
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An old article about the peculiar case of Adrian Rigelsford (notorious in Doctor Who circles).

Doctor Who: Why Christopher Eccleston turned down Day of the Doctor
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He is opening up about a lot of things.

UCLan recreates lost episode of Doctor Who
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This is brilliant!

Billie Piper reprises Rose Tyler
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Missed this at the time. (On Big Finish.)

The Story of Susan Foreman
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Reading with beautiful illustrations.

Observer archive: the Daleks, 18 December 1966 | From the Observer | The Guardian
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Oh wow. I was totally unaware of this - photos from the set of Power of the Daleks by Jane Bown!!!

Doctor Who to skip Christmas Day for first time in 13 years
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But will be on on New Year’s Day.

EU countries stop clock on Commission’s time change plan
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The Austrian minister “wants the Commission to appoint a coordinator — a sort of EU-wide time lord”.

Braised Hearts - Celebrating the Jon Pertwee Recipe Book
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A truly glorious fansite for one of the least well-known Doctor Who-related books of the 1970s. Check out the companions!

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