Thirty-six Thousand Feet Under the Sea
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Long but compelling story of the man who wanted to visit the deepest point of all five oceans.

Thoughts from a churchyard
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Filling in the hours during the pandemic.

This Is the Book That Outsold Dracula in 1897
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Review of _The Beetle_ by Richard Marsh

The Last Best Time
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@scalzi avoided the outbreak for a couple of days longer than the rest of us.

In Roald Dahl’s Car
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Great short piece.

Alan Bennett's 2019 Diary
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Glorious as ever.

California Dreamgirl
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Fascinating profile of Michelle Philips (from 2007).

The hidden history of a Jewish family in Odessa
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Beautiful from @Tom_deWaal.

Never cover for a con man
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Fascinating bit of investigative journalism.

Mourning My Friend, Princess Diana
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Lovely piece by Clive James that I had not seen before.

The Darkest Town In America
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Recommended long read about seeing the stars.

An Unwanted Second Place – Ultra Runner Girl
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My former colleague @runnercase experiences Andorra as few others will ever experience it.

Nick Clegg: the Facebook fixer
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Great, largely sympathetic profile.

Diarmaid MacCulloch: ‘I got very irritated with Henry VIII’
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Difficult to blame him, really.

How the Welsh fought back
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Rowan Williams reviews the Cambridge History of Welsh Literature.

What Florida Taught Me About Parenting
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And the fate of the honeysuckle.

Thank you for killing my novel
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This is a piece from 2012 about responding to a bad review. I may have linked to it before. It is still entertaining.

Kevin Barry: The belligerence and brilliance of Flann O’Brien

Great piece about a great biography of a great writer.

Plagiarism, Then and Now
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Romance writer Nora Roberts speaks out.

Stanley McChrystal: ‘I Think I Am at Peace’
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Fascinating @FT interview by @JananGanesh.

A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions

Extraordinary long read.

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