The Legal Quagmire of Postponing or Modifying Elections
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@KatieRoseEllena @IFES1987: "At the time of writing, elections in 47 countries are postponed, which represents nearly a quarter of the countries in the world."

Four Other Elections to Watch in 2020 – @APCOWorldwide
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Everyone will be watching the USA, and many will be watching Israel. But don’t forget Iran, North Macedonia, New Zealand and Chuuk.

How should Ireland’s MEPs be elected amidst Brexit uncertainty?
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Michael Gallagher argues that votes should be counted twice, covering both possible seat allocations. I agree.

The world's first democratically elected Muslim woman was from Georgia
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Fascinating piece by @undrawbill (h/t @monicaelena)

Felony convictions won't stop Jacksonville's newest voters

A racist restriction on voting is reversed in Florida.

Uncomfortable Questions in the Wake of Russia Indictment 2.0 and Trump’s Press Conference With Putin
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Putting the Mueller investigation and indictments in the context of US government behaviour.

The 2014 European Parliament elections, under the 2019 rules
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How the proposed new voting system for the European Parliament helps the centre and the centre-right.

What's a negligible effect in an election?
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Good question, from @ChrisHanretty.

Finnish Election Through Facebook Reactions

A glorious piece of analysis.

The art of election campaigning — auf Deutsch
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Explaining #fedidwgugl, etc.

Replacing Juncker: A centre-left struggle
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How difficult is it for the PES to beat the EPP in 2019? By me.

The Conservatives just pledged to take our democracy back decades
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by bringing FPTP to elections that never used it.

A Disrupted French Political Landscape
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@APCOWorldwide colleagues weigh in.

Can Le Pen win through differential turnout?
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@ChrisHanretty think it's unlikely.

Are British elections being stolen?
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Quite possibly!

Electing Europe?
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My colleague @MariellevHeumen on the Dutch elections.

Russia’s 5th Column
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Buying up the Far Right in Europe and the US.

Tunisian Security Forces Rock the Vote
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Enfranchising the military - showed me how little I know about Tunisia.

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