Caucasian Journal: Ambassador Per Eklund: "COVID is unpredictable. I had a lucky escape"
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One of the great EU diplomats, on survival.

I pulled a 1,500-year-old sword out of a lake

8-year-old Saga tells her story. Lovely!

Capturing the moment: what happened to the boys in this picture?
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This is a lovely story, but also a little sad.

Behind the scenes at the Swedish troll factory
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How we are being spun.

A Brexit reality check in Stockholm
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What Sweden really thinks.

More sex please, we’re Swedish
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Concerned government commissions new survey.

The Stockholm-Helsinki hyperloop pre-feasibility study
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500 km in 28 minutes, for a mere 19 billion euro.

Gustav III of Sweden's coffee experiment

An important historic investigation.

8 Million City: a Scandinavian Megalopolis
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A three-country corridor?

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