The Netherlands brings in unworkable burqa ban
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"the police, hospitals and public transport staff have already said they won't play ball" - Good.

Why the Dutch Gave Up Manhattan for Nutmeg
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It made a lot of sense at the time.

Brexit: Netherlands told to prepare for a no-deal 'chaos scenario'
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Due to “unrealistic Brexit expectations of a number of British politicians”...

How I learnt to loathe England
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A Dutch former immigrant reflects.

Dutch king reveals double life as an airline pilot
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Putting the K into KLM.

Electing Europe?
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My colleague @MariellevHeumen on the Dutch elections.

Notes from Holland
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The architecture of Amsterdam. (I'm going this weekend.)

Deze Nederlandse dramaserie toont het 'echte' Brussel

Dutch series takes "House of Cards" to the EU.

Referendum madness
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Direct democracy%27s attractive flaws.

Belgium, Netherlands to exchange territory - without a fight

Thanks to a headless body.

The Wetsuitman - updated
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Extraordinary story of British migration policy killing people.

Dutch ambassador to Belgium interviewed
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He is terrified of cycling in Brussels.

Dutch Foreign Minister on MH17 crash
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"Did they look each other in the eyes one last time in a wordless goodbye?"

PVV collapse continues
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635 - Sex and Drugs and Border Changes
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How and why the Netherlands/Belgium border is being changed.

“Black Pete” and the Legacy of Racism in the Netherlands
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The tarnished heritage of the Golden Age.

Holland vs the Netherlands
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Great stuff, but that's not how you pronounce Curaçao!!!


On choosing rulers. (Also, must see that film - loved the book.)

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to abdicate for son
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One of the better royals around.

28/01/2013 » » Oorlog met België (bijna)
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Dutch commentary on the current dispute which rather takes the Belgian side!

frumiousb: Amsterdam Taxis Improved? Not one bit of it.
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Problems of getting a taxi in Amsterdam

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