Four Other Elections to Watch in 2020 – @APCOWorldwide
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Everyone will be watching the USA, and many will be watching Israel. But don’t forget Iran, North Macedonia, New Zealand and Chuuk.

Macron’s “Non” to EU enlargement – CEPS
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Erwan Fouéré of @CEPS_Thinktank lays it out.

One more failure

@DanielSerwer is alaramed. "If you wanted to make common cause with Europe in the Balkans, Grenell is the last American you would choose for the task."

Ruling party’s Pendarovski wins North Macedonia presidency
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Hooray! Stevo Pendarovski has been a friend of mine for many years.

Prespa Agreement - Media Guidelines
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How to refer to the citizens and language of North Macedonia.

How Disinformation Harmed the Referendum in Macedonia
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And it’s not surprising to learn who was behind it.

The man who has focused on one word for 23 years
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The Macedonia name dispute.

What is happening in Macedonia?
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A good summary.

The Most Paranoid Country in Europe
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A brilliant survey of the situation in Macedonia.

20 killed in floods in Skopje
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Crumbs. How awful.

Protests in Macedonia and the Battle for European Values
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A must-read.

Macedonia’s political crisis: Make or break for civil society
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A bad time for my favourite Balkan country.

What’s in a name?: Macedonia’s problems go much deeper
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A bad situation, not improving.

Macedonia: The EU's Democratic Dilemma
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@dimitrov_nikola writes.

Postponing Elections is Macedonia’s Only Hope
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Erwan Fouéré makes his views clear.

True Cost of ‘Skopje 2014’ Revealed

A lot.

EU Tweets of last week from @viEUws
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Hilarious re Farage. Serious re Macedonia.

My Secret Service "Diploma"
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An angry journalist writes.

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