No Deal Brexit increasingly likely, on top of COVID-19!
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Former Taoiseach John Bruton is pessimistic.

Why a Brexit Transition Extension Should Be a UK Economic Priority
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From my @APCOWorldwide colleague @MyNameIsEarl. Entirely sensible.

Computer says no to Europeans in Britain
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I remember when Brexiteers were telling us that there was nothing to worry about, and then that it was all fake news.

British Ports Association Concerned About Brexit Comments
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As well they might be.

The end of the affair: what next for Britain after Brexit?
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Long and thoughtful from @JeremyCliffe.

Brexit is happening, but the constitution is saved
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Important from @DavidAllenGreen on the real value of @thatGinaMiller's court cases.

EU nationals are fearful. And after Windrush, they should be
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In case it needed to be said.

The EU Is Going to Miss the U.K. When It’s Gone

Good piece. I agree.

Fighting the good fight for Scotland
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@AlynSmith's valedictory thoughts as he leaves the European Parliament.

The reasons why Remain was defeated – a contemporaneous view
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Brief and clear analysis from @DavidAllenGreen.

The Tory landslide and the Irish Sea
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@TConnellyRTE on form again.

Walking the wall: my Brexit hike in northern England
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The Brexit report from the frontier of the Roman Empire.

The Power (and Limits) of Boris Johnson on Brexit
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Interesting analysis of the relationship with Varadkar.

Personal Story: Why I became German
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Tremendously moving.

How Brexit Will End
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A good summary of how we have got to where we are now.

‘I’ve been here 50 years’: the EU citizens struggling for the right to stay in Britain
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Home Office doing its job by making foreigners feel unwelcome. Brexiters, are you proud?

Is anyone actually listening to the DUP?
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As @patrickkmaguire pointes out, @DUPleader tends to mean what she says, and to say what she means.

The Mythical Bets On No-Deal Brexit
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"there is no evidence that the hedge funds that have backed Johnson’s election campaign have “millions of pounds” of speculative bets on no-deal Brexit."

Brexit: The perils of progress on the backstop

@tconnellyrte is not convinced that we are much closer to a solution.

Hopes of clean break with EU are nonsense, says ex-Brexit official

But is anyone in the government listening?

What Happens Next With Brexit, Explained For People Who Are Confused
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with help from Benedict Cumberbatch.

Fiasco: the inside story of the Brexit talks
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@pmdfoster on the disastrous path that has brought us here.

Shutting Down Parliament Is Worse Than a Coup. It’s a Mistake.
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Great analysis from @HelenevonBismarck.

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