Four Other Elections to Watch in 2020 – @APCOWorldwide
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Everyone will be watching the USA, and many will be watching Israel. But don’t forget Iran, North Macedonia, New Zealand and Chuuk.

Iran: the revolution that shook the world
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Well worth reading.

The Trump Administration’s Fantasy World | The American Conservative
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“the Trump administration acts as though NK is disarming and Iran is racing to the bomb. This is the exact opposite of reality.”

Saving the Iran Nuclear Deal, Despite Trump's Decertification
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@AliVaez / @CrisisGroup analysis.

Donald Trump’s Worst Deal
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A story from Azerbaijan.

What Would Happen If the U.S. Congress Killed the Iran Deal?

Bad for the U.S. and for international order.

Mike Huckabee Is Wrong: Iran Isn’t Nazi Germany
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Calibrating rhetoric with facts.

Iran’s ‘Generation Normal’
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Sorry about paywall, but this is very interesting.

Why the details of the Iran deal don’t matter
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Sensible analysis by @jyshapiro of Brookings.

No, Sanctions Didn't Force Iran to Make a Deal
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Busting the myth.

The Myth of an American Coup

A revisionist account of what happened in Iran in 1953.

This Week In Threat-Mongering - The Iran Version -
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"If Burns is correct that Iran is America's number one adversary in the world then truly the United States has little to worry about. Iran is a second rate military power, lacks an active nuclear program, is deeply isolated in the Middle East, has a poorly performing economy and has few allies or friends."

Iran: "President unveils second Iranian robot man" - Boing Boing
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Ahmedinejad's alliance with the Cybermen

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