The problem with democracy: Kids and their phones
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Worrying and thorough, from @PaulAyaTaylor

Belgium’s democratic experiment
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The Ostbelgien Modell - bringing a permanent citizens' assembly into policy-making.

Voting with your gut
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Brexit and rationality. Interesting.

The world's first democratically elected Muslim woman was from Georgia
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Fascinating piece by @undrawbill (h/t @monicaelena)

Polarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe
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@AnneApplebaum in depth on Poland, Hungary (and Trump) and the parallels with the Dreyfus case.

Repeal the Eighth: What can Britain learn from Ireland's abortion referendum?
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Not just Britain, but campaigners anywhere.

Tackling Women’s Underrepresentation in U.S. Politics: Comparative Perspectives From Europe
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@CarnegieEndow: "The United States has fallen behind most established democracies with respect to women’s representation in politics."

The EU Political Agenda Must Be Set by Ordinary Citizens
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@YoungsRichard is right.

Catalonia and European Democracy
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Very insightful from the always excellent Richard Youngs.

Democracy Promotion Under Trump
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Tom Carothers finds many clouds, but a small silver lining.

The Conservatives just pledged to take our democracy back decades
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by bringing FPTP to elections that never used it.

Democracy Is Not Dying
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Thomas Carothers & @YoungsRichard at @CarnegieEndow are not pessimistic.

Russia’s 5th Column
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Buying up the Far Right in Europe and the US.

Hungary’s actions speak louder than words
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@ncjcampbell on Órban's war on NGOs.

Tunisian Security Forces Rock the Vote
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Enfranchising the military - showed me how little I know about Tunisia.

North Carolina is no longer a democracy

Expert diagnosis.

Jo Cox killing - the reality
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Calling the press to account.

How to Hack an Election

A chilling read.

Democracy in retreat

"2015 was the 10th consecutive year of decline in global freedom."

The World Isn’t Less Free Than It Used To Be
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@fivethirtyeight summarises @FreedomHouseDC.

Referendum madness
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Direct democracy%27s attractive flaws.

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