We make our paths, and our paths make us

In response to Am I on the Right Path? Are you? …"perhaps the best path is not the high-speed one leading most efficiently to the destination we thought we wanted, but the path that will take us to the most interesting encounters… "

The road to hell is paved with editorial calendars
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"So, don't worry TOO much about your editorial calendar. The key is posting consistently (which is definitely helped by actually using one). Don't be a slave to it. If you have a great idea — run with it, and worry about cleaning up your calendar later." This is common sense, of course, but something to keep in mind when working on projects, whic…

45 days to plan a Tweet
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"a team of 13 social-media and advertising specialists up to 45 days to plan, create, approve, and publish a corporate social-media post." Which did f*all online. It's when I see tweets like that - 45 days, 2 Faves, no RTs - that I'm thankful I'm not 'communicating' cars, 'engaging' consumers on soap powder or even tweeting about cheese. - Huge …

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