Can Marketplace reach an audience beyond those who already care about explainer journalism?

Marketplace wants to reach a more diverse audience... to raise the economic intelligence of the country... podcast... to approach explainer journalism ... through a group conversation... Our attempt to get the answer is going to be transparent... audience, can you help me with this?

Explainer, Elucidator, Enchanter: A Gradation of Great Writing – Brain Pickings
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hierarchy of good writing, particularly of good science writing... Explainers make information clear and comprehensible... Elucidators go beyond explanation and into illumination — they transmute information into understanding by ... integrating various bits of knowledge into a larger framework of comprehension... Enchanters do all of the above, b…

The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed (by @baekdal) #analysis
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The public is no longer uninformed. They are misinformed, and that requires an entirely different editorial focus ... just reporting the news doesn't actually solve the public's needs. Now your focus must be on explaining the news instead.... the newspaper is stuck in an existential crisis ... stop being a newspaper and start being something el…

The case that Brexit is — and isn’t — the end of the European project - Vox
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an organization dedicated to "ever closer union" has never faced a setback as profound as the looming departure from the UK, and it’s natural to wonder if this doesn’t mark the beginning of a larger unraveling.... Rather than a prediction or a hot take, here’s a way to think through the different alternatives.

The importance of explanatory journalism | Brookings Institution
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the press help shed sunlight on the inner workings of government, expose flaws and problems in our system, and inform the citizenry, making journalism a cornerstone of a healthy democracy... explanatory journalism... is particularly worthy of attention for its role in improving public knowledge and contributing to a more informed populace.The vide…

What is explainer journalism? | News |
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if news content focuses on the ‘Who, What, When, and Where,’ explainer journalism looks to inform the reader of the ‘How and Why’... give the reader background information about a story to ensure that they are able to properly understand events as they unfold... Explainer journalism enables the media provider to at least show some intelligence an…

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