Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened? – The Startup – Medium
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We look back at our breathless optimism and turn to each other, slightly baffled: “is that it? THAT was the chatbot revolution we were promised?”... chatbots didn’t just take on one difficult problem and fail: they took on several and failed all of them... A great bot can be about as useful as an average app. When it comes to rich, sophisticated,…

German Chatbot Startup Tries to Help Publishers Reach Larger Audiences
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Spectrm is one of the first ventures that allows publishers to create and manage so-called chatbots for delivering content to audiences over messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram... niche articles, only available on certain publications, seem to be more popular than general news that’s widely available elsewhere... …

The Future of Conversational UI Belongs to Hybrid Interfaces – The Layer – Medium
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some examples of a blended interface, bringing the best of the command line and GUI paradigms together... — notifications and quick input from the conversational side, along with a rich and intuitive experience from the GUI side... Each message has the potential to be a ,,, bite size applications like a photo carousel, media players, mini games, i…

What happens next with Conversational UIs
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Conversational UIs will also force designers to cosy up to writers, or to become more linguistically literate themselves. Information architects will be trendy again, since syntax and labels are totally their turf.

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