Arriving this summer. Circa, a new way to do news!

Read the same documents our reporters gathered. Watch the video out-takes of an interview, or take a 360-degree virtual reality adventure. Test your knowledge about complex issues with a quiz. Sound off about issues, interacting through polls and emoticons or by leaving a comment. We’ll give you the tools and access to become involved, either in d…

Behind the App: The Story of Circa
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I was feeling less informed every day, despite being inundated with options for information... our points are sorted by "importance", which is to say the most important on top, least on bottom, one other option was to sort by the timeline in which points were added... our writers are adding individual bits of information in discrete text boxes and…

Something called Circa will launch next year...

Circa is indeed returning, but it won’t be the Circa its users remember.... “an independent digital news site aimed at the new generation,” building on the “intellectual property and technology of Circa News.”

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants — Thoughts on Media — Medium
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Where I think Circa took a step forward ... the idea that we could ... take ANY story and add a structured element to it — even if the only structure was “this item read, this item unread.”.. I do think there are a few concepts that Circa created and executed upon that were truly “inventions”... The concept of atomizing news ... allowing a r…

How Fold Breaks Stories into Contextual Pieces
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"Fold is a platform for telling stories. It makes it simple to add multimedia background information or create context... the main story reads as all stories do, straight down vertically. But contextual information is placed to the side of the main story, on a horizontal line. That information can be video, photos, or links to other sites..."…

App offers new way to consume online journalism - The Journalism Biz

Good overview of Circa's approach: "A new model for online journalism is emerging, focusing on the atomization of news stories into “bite-sized chunks” of information aimed at mobile audiences."

Circa's 1st Revenue Stream: Native Ads
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Surprise surprise... "Circa is developing two types of ads: magazine-style full-screen banners, like Flipboard, and sponsored posts... which look and feel like editorial, created by a separate staff.... One future revenue possibility would be licensing access to Circa's article data to other publishers," - News App Circa Looks to Na…

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