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Minimalism in UX: the blessing of no choices (paradox of choice)

Minimalism in UX: the blessing of no choices (paradox of choice)

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The Paradox of choice

  • Offer few choices, at least on the first level of the UI hierarchy.
  • Keep a fair amount of empty spaces.
  • Avoid having many borderlines (whether they are strokes or edges between shapes of different fill colors).
  • Invest time in information architecture. Evaluate the significance of each piece of info you design.
  • Keep your color palettes poor. If you need an extra color, prefer to introduce a new shade/tint of an existing color over a completely new hue.
  • Try to reduce text. Use tooltips for extra info instead of exposing it by default.
  • avoid providing alternative paths/flows for the same action. Different paths imply different actions.


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