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Disinformation For Hire: How A New Breed Of PR Firms Is Selling Lies Online

Disinformation For Hire: How A New Breed Of PR Firms Is Selling Lies Online

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for manipulating public opinion... automation and artificial intelligence “can quickly generate traffic and publicity much faster than people.”...

If disinformation in 2016 was characterized by Macedonian spammers... Russian trolls... 2020 is shaping up to be the year communications pros for hire provide sophisticated online propaganda operations ... “black PR” firms to spread lies and manipulate online discourse...since 2011, at least 27 online information operations ... attributed to PR or marketing firms... 19 in 2019 alone...

Archimedes Group, an Israeli black PR firm, created networks of hundreds of Facebook pages, accounts, and groups ... “use every tool and take every advantage ... to change reality according to our client’s wishes.”... In Nigeria, it ran pages advocating for and against the same politician... pro-Abubakar page “was likely designed to identify his supporters in order to target them with anti-Abubakar content...

“Content Farm Automatic Collection System... overwhelm chosen corners of the internet with torrents of AI-generated text that influence search results...

black PR firms elsewhere rely on manual labor... to get an emotional reaction ... so lucrative ,,, many PR firms feel pressured to offer them... difficult to compete against companies who deliver these services... use industry jargon... to help “neutralize the stigma ...‘supplemental pages’ and ‘digital support workers’ to describe ... ‘fake news sites’ or ‘paid trolls’... gives politicians a level of plausible deniability...

International Communications Consultancy Organisation... established... the Helsinki Declaration... Facebook’s approach is to remove assets involved in a specific operation and ban the entire organization... cracking Facebook is quite easy

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