Silo Saboteurs
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You’re losing valuable growth opportunities and have extreme difficulty building and effectively marketing ..., it could be the result of organizational silos sabotaging your brand and business strategy... what’s the better alternative? The collective insights and experiences of the 50 CMOs in the study resulted in two headlines.

Why the insight & creativity sweetspot delivers better customer experiences
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"what people really want is to be treated like individuals and given the tools to help themselves.... Rigour is the cold, hard fact of insight. Magic is the creative talent ... Without great insight, creative may be ill-informed or poorly targeted.... Meanwhile, a data-based body of evidence that isn’t supported by creativity fails to creat…

Agencies Must Change or Brands Will Dump Them Entirely
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"Marketers now have a very real option to bring the majority of their media agency work in-house. If agencies want to maintain relevance ... [they need to] break down the silos they’ve spent the last two-plus decades creating.... The silos will come down one way or another. Smart agencies will dismantle them by design; the rest will crumble under…

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