Curation is the last best hope of intelligent discourse

"The indiscriminate proliferation of AI-generated content will not empower the underrepresented or democratise knowledge creation... [but] dilute and fragment the authenticity and reliability of information ... the discerning judgment of human curators is the only defence against misinformation and mediocrity".Why? Human curators :"…


Feedbot vous permet de faire de la veille, de suivre et d’automatiser la publication de vos flux RSS favoris sur Mastodon

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"I wanted a way to add any bookmarks I make there into a 'Read later' category in my RSS reader ... I create a PHP file that gets the latest 20 bookmarks... and takes an access token from your mastodon 'development' admin page. Then I can give this URL to my RSS reader: https://neil.mckillop.org/stuff/mastodon_bookmarks.rs…

RSS to ActivityPub Converter

convert any RSS feed to an ActivityPub

The Day the Good Internet Died - The Ringer
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A rant down memory lane to comment on "the duality of the internet these days... worse and better than ever, growing tackier as it strives for bespoke, hosting information so limitless that you can’t find any of it... no longer primarily a furtive escape ... It’s just where everyone always is: my parents, my job, my frenemies ... it lasts fo…

Facebook uses RSS for Instant Articles
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Facebook... have, as I speculated earlier, built their system around RSS. This means there can be interop between all the big companies --Twitter, Google, Apple, Facebook -- now building new news systems... No publishing silos. Let news flow where it wants to. And let competitors arise who may do more interesting and useful things with news tha…

Checking out InoReader
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Quite like the look of this RSS reader's search features: "Want to search the entire history of your feeds? It's not a problem when you have InoReader around. Our unique Active Search will actively monitor and alert you when new content is matching your search. " - InoReader • Light and Fast RSS Reader

FAQ: Does MyHub.ai support RSS?
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Every collection of resources and search result on your Hub is available as an RSS feed: simply insert "/rss" in front of your @username in the URL. Click the title for more details,

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