EU SuperGirl meets Luca Jahier
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The second meeting Madeleina Kay had was with Luca Jahier. It went longer, and the wifi cut out midway this time - see the 2nd part of this lovely chat.

Facebook launches Live 360 video from NatGeo now, everyone next year | TechCrunch
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battles for both livestreaming and 360 video are underway ... YouTube is leading the way, as anyone can currently live stream in 360, but only if they have special encoder software ... Facebook ... aiming to allow normal profiles to easily broadcast from a 360 mobile device without desktop software.

Snap Inc. — The New Snapchat and What That Means for UX
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the next greatest advancement in casual technology and User Experience... a set of glasses known as Spectacles pair up with Snapchat via Wi-fi or Bluetooth ... and enable their users to record 10 seconds of video... in a circle with 115 degrees of view... mimic human vision, so users can record what they see and play it back as if it came from the…

A New
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where curated broadcast channels shine and it’s easier than ever to search for live videos

Facebook Live: Too Much, Too Soon
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IT’S been just over four months since The New York Times started producing live video for Facebook... a lot should never have made the team... many that are either plagued by technical malfunctions, feel contrived, drone on too long, ignore audience questions or are simply boring... For The Times the goal is twofold... to develop video that appea…

Deepstream: Newsroom tool turns the chaos of livestreams into curated order
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Deepstream makes it easy to remix one or more livestreams by adding context and background... by introducing a new role into the livestreaming ecosystem: the curator... easily embed live video into a player that includes context cards... set up with just a few clicks to feature news stories, polls, maps, tweets, free text and more to help you expl…

Post-paywall, The Sun eyes distributed video on platforms
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“In five years time, I want News U.K. — The Sun and The Times — to be as well known for its video content as for its newspapers” ... 70 percent of The Sun’s articles have some video component... a main driver for the video verticals is to appeal to advertisers and brands who want to sponsor videos... It will continue posting several Live videos a…

The ultimate live stream comparison table
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If you create live video, here’s that table of live streaming apps you’ve been searching for.

How to Thrive in the Live Streaming Revolution
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Customers today can spot a phony from a mile away, and brand success will require that companies foster real, authentic connections that mirror human relationships... The live streaming revolution will be awkward. It will be messy. It will be funny, and it will be sad. And all of that is exactly what customers want... there’s something pure an…

The secret behind the most popular and boring live stream in the world
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The Decorah Eagles “nest cam” is the most watched live stream channel of all time, spawning a sliver under 300 million live views (298,652,320 at time of writing), mainstream media coverage and eagle-watching communities worldwide. The limbic system is a part of the brain that drives our emotions. When we’re around other people–especially crowds–…

4 Legal Issues Brands Need to Understand Before Livestreaming
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It's easier than ever to create video—and headaches - 4 Legal Issues Brands Need to Understand Before Livestreaming on Periscope or Meerkat | Adweek

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