Cory Doctorow: IP – Locus Online
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First a definition of (the importance of) "Interoperability – the thing Facebook uses to slurp stuff in from the open web – is the key to self-determination." Without it:you're trapped: "leaving Facebook means leaving your communities, your relationships... your presence on Facebook is the reason someone else can’t…

Blockchains for Artificial Intelligence
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big data has transformed AI, to an almost unreasonable level. Blockchain technology could transform AI too... Some applications ... mundane... Some appear almost unreasonable, like AI that can own itself ... This article will explore these applications... blockchains introduced three new characteristics: decentralized / shared control, immutable …

Can an Arcane Crypto Ledger Replace Uber, Spotify and AirBnB?
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there’s no shortage of startups, projects, and developers trying to apply the blockchain concept to everything... because it gives the tech industry another bite at a long-coveted apple: decentralization. Is there a decentralization event-horizon beyond which platforms simply dissolve... Here are two instances of that dream... Ujo imagines an au…

Google Taxes in Spain and Germany
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In Germany, "the government forced Google to pay newspaper editors if they were included in Google News... Google excluded all newspapers from Google News and asked anyone wanting to be listed to reapply explicitly declaring that they renounced to be compensated. All newspaper did reapply not wanting to miss out on the traffic it generates. Google…

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