Getting Started | AutoGen
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"AutoGen is a framework that enables development of LLM applications using multiple agents that can converse with each other to solve tasks. AutoGen agents are customizable, conversable, and seamlessly allow human participation. They can operate in various modes that employ combinations of LLMs, human inputs, and tools... provides a drop-in …

Generative AI can Ideate Harder
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How to use LLMs to solve "really hard problems"? The "AIdeas Collider" approach, piloted by Head of Innovation Design at MIT's Collective Intelligence Design Lab.

Implementing network learning
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Jarche's network learning model encompasses 3 zones (social networks, communities of practice and work teams), with each activity involving both working out loud and personal knowledge management.There are several facets, each looking different depending on the zone - for ex:you share your work freely with your work teams (you are, after all,…

A history of FLICC: the 5 techniques of science denial - Cranky Uncle
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A history of the FLICC ( Fake experts, Logical fallacies, Impossible expectations, Cherry picking, and Conspiracy theories) framework for characterising science denial.

The Breakout Scale: Measuring the impact of influence operations
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A simple comparative model for measuring disinformation and influence operations

Big Lies and Rotten Herrings: 17 Kremlin Disinformation Techniques You Need to Know Now – Byline Times
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During the Cold War, the Soviets conducted over 10,000 disinformation operations, with up to 15000 KGB officers. Europe a target since 2015. Goal: weaken western democracy from within. This article sets out their most pertinent tactics:1) Narratives: post-Western world (the West no longer dominates); anti-(elite, EU, NATO) narratives; danger narra…

A Field Guide to Fake News
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A Field Guide to Fake News explores the use of digital methods to trace the production, circulation and reception of fake news online.

Fake news. It's complicated. - First Draft News
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the term fake doesn’t begin to describe the complexity of the different types of misinformation (the inadvertent sharing of false information) and disinformation (the deliberate creation and sharing of information known to be false)... once you start breaking these categories down and mapping them against one another you begin to see distinct patt…

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