‘Worker’s block’ and the hidden risks of life after lockdown | Financial Times
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adrenalin had energised locked-down employees at first. Only at the five-week mark did enforced remote working start to breed anxiety... The prospect of ... a bland diet of videocalls and virtual encounters is draining... It is not hard to achieve commitment ... during a crisis. Doubters’ stock objection ... evaporated under pressure... But ... …

The Art of Handling a PR Implosion
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Had Turing executives kept mum when the news broke, it is likely that the story’s lifespan would’ve been short lived. Unfortunately for them, Shkreli opened his mouth. - The Art of Handling a PR Implosion

Social media crisis management: Be sincere, and verify
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"When a crisis like this happens, and you’re in the wrong, the mob is in charge of your brand. " - good advice for handling a crisis, and good techniques for monitoring sentiment

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