The Future of Search Is Boutique | Future
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Basically this piece starts to unpack for me my ideas of what millions of Hubs networked together and processed by AI would offer the world in terms of content discovery:With "tools like Notion, Airtable, and Readwise ... people are aggregating content ... reviving the curated web. But at the moment these are mostly solo affairs... fragmented…

Women Journalists Are the Most Credible Voices on Covid-19
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data on the U.S. media ecosystem suggests that women journalists make up a disproportionately high number of the most credible journalists... about Covid-19... dominate ... top 100 most credible journalists ... 19 of the top 25 journalists and 58 of the top 100algorithm analyzes individual articles for credibility based on the author’s topical exp…

Shot by the Messenger: Partisan Cues and Public Opinion Regarding National Security and War
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messages of intra-party harmony tend to be ignored by the news ... internal disputes, especially within the governing party, generally receive prominent coverage... We examine how messages of party conflict and cooperation affect public opinion regarding national security... how the reputations of media outlets matter...credible communication (i.e…

Have you lost your collective minds?
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political polarisation creates groupthink creates more polarisation, which prevents ideas from circulating and developing.... Pumping resources into ensuring one side of US politics is overrepresented on Medium is bad for US politics, and bad for Medium - In response to Influencer Outreach: Progressive Politics (job ad on Medium)

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