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Women Journalists Are the Most Credible Voices on Covid-19

Women Journalists Are the Most Credible Voices on Covid-19

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data on the U.S. media ecosystem suggests that women journalists make up a disproportionately high number of the most credible journalists... about Covid-19... dominate ... top 100 most credible journalists ... 19 of the top 25 journalists and 58 of the top 100

algorithm analyzes individual articles for credibility based on the author’s topical expertise, the diversity of sources (links and quotes), the neutrality of the writing tone, and the historical reputation of the publishing site ...

women are underrepresented in newsrooms ... subjected to considerably more online harassment ... For every two articles authored by women, three are authored by men. But the articles by women are, on average, more credible...

Why do women remain underrepresented in journalism, and how might a lack of diversity be influencing the news we read? ... women represent a majority of journalism students at American universities ... still face substantial barriers ... underrepresented at critical positions ... Media tells us what is important and who matters... the wires assign 69 percent of the stories to men...

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