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What is UX Research?

What is UX Research?

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We can divide UX research into two subsets:

  1. Qualitative research
  2. Quantitative research

We can additionally divide UX research into two approaches:

  1. Attitudinal – you listen to what users say—e.g., in interviews.
  2. Behavioral – you see what users do through observational studies.

Appropriate UX research methods which you can use during a project’s four stages. Key methods are:

  1. Discover Determine what is relevant for users.
    • Contextual inquiries – Interview suitable users in their own environment to see how they perform the task/s in question.
    • Diary studies – Have users record their daily interactions with a design or log their performance of activities.
  1. Explore Examine how to address all users’ needs.
    • Card sorting – Write words and phrases on cards; then let participants organize them in the most meaningful way and label categories to ensure that your design is structured in a logical way.
    • Customer journey maps – Create user journeys to expose potential pitfalls and crucial moments.
  1. Test Evaluate your designs.
    • Usability testing – Ensure your design is easy to use.
    • Accessibility evaluations – Test your design to ensure it’s accessible to everyone.
  1. Listen Put issues in perspective, find any new problems and notice trends.
    • Surveys/Questionnaires – Use these to track how users’ feel about your product.
    • Analytics – Collect analytics/metrics to chart (e.g.) website traffic and build reports.

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