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UX Writing Top 20 practical tips to boost your designs

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UX Writing Top 20 practical tips to boost your designs 👇

🔶 Be concise
❌ You must log in to comment
✅ Log in to comment

🔶 Use active voice
❌ The button should be clicked
✅ Click the button

🔶 Avoid jargon
❌ System error (code 2234)
✅ Log in error

🔶 Be consistent
❌ Add to cart vs. My bag
✅ Add to bag vs. My bag

🔶 Avoid double negatives
❌ Unsubscribe not to receive
✅ Unsubscribe to stop receiving

🔶 Use simple verbs
❌ Money has been sent
✅ Money sent

🔶 Be conversational
❌ Your status
✅ What's happening?

🔶 Use numerals correctly
❌ Five - 1023 - 1000000
✅ 5 - 1,203 - 1 million

🔶 Front-load the text
❌ You have to read these 5 books
✅ 5 books you have to read

🔶 Use sentence case
✅ Search settings

🔶 Avoid introductory phrases
❌ Would you like to save the changes?
✅ Save changes?

🔶 Avoid generic microscopy
❌ Submit the information
✅ Create an account

🔶 Use value-based CTAs
❌ Subscribe
✅ Get your first lesson now

🔶 Explain the destination of the link
❌ Learn more
✅ Explore books

🔶 Don't blame the user
❌ You provided an incorrect email address
✅ Invalid email address

🔶 Don't shame the user
❌ I don't want to be knowledgeable anymore
✅ Unsubscribe from the newsletter

🔶 Don't over-promise
❌ We'll never spam you
✅ You'll only receive necessary emails

🔶 Don't use idioms
❌ Bang up job!
✅ Nice work!

🔶 Be clear
❌ Are you sure you don't want it?
✅ Delete image?

🔶 Use humor with cautious
❌ Can't you come up with a stronger password?
✅ Please use a strong password

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