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The need for speed - slow websites hurt expereinces

The need for speed - slow websites hurt expereinces

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How slow is too slow?

"Delays of just 1 second are enough to interrupt a person’s conscious thought process
delays of just a few seconds seriously hurt the experience of those trying to use a website.
2011: Gomez reported on 150M pageviews across 150 sites and found that pages that took 6 seconds to load were 25% more likely to be abandoned than pages which loaded in 2 seconds.
2016: Google found that increasing the load time of its SERPs by half a second resulted in a 20% higher bounce rate.
2016: Google found 53% of mobile visits ended if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load.
2017: Akamai aggregated data from 17 retailers (7 billion pageviews) and found that conversion rates were highest for pages that loaded in less than 2 seconds; longer load times correlated with 50% drops in conversion rates and increased bounce rates, especially for mobile visitors.
2018: BBC found that for every extra second of page load time, 10% of users will leave.

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