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Having fun using Andy Matuschak's wonderful site to explore his innovative ideas on note-taking, zettelkasten, writing, etc. This link opens a number of his interrelated notes, displayed horizontally using his innovative 'stacked notes' information architecture.

Key ideas from this stack:

  • the importance of 'task division' in knowledge work: instead of trying to keep everything in your head before settling down to a blank sheet of paper
    • spend time every day making good-quality notes to increment your thoughts,
    • create speculative outlines in parallel
  • good-quality notes are: written for you, not the public (leave the endless polishing for the published version); atomic and concept oriented in nature
  • speculative outlines include links to all the related notes (I've created adedicated Overview which does this automatically). " When an outline feels “ripe,” we can pluck it and turn it into a manuscript without the exerting herculean start-up effort that comes with a blank page"

There are undirected processes, from which "writing projects emerge organically from daily work", and directed processes. This note is possibly going to become an example of te latter: I've set out explicitly to make notes about Matuschak's work, reflect on it and write about how it could apply to myhub. To do that one should review relevant notes and write an outline, attaching relevant notes to each point, and then fill in the gaps to create a first draft. I have started, however, by annotating these first notes, and will only start to fill out the overview after I've done a few more. Moreover, the overview may spawn multiple posts, not just one.

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