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Designing Better User Journey Maps (+ Figma/Miro templates).

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Designing Better User Journey Maps (+ Figma/Miro templates). Helpful guides and starter kits to design effective journey maps that generate insights ↓

✅ We create user journey maps to visualize user’s experience.
✅ Their purpose, however, is to generate meaningful insights.
✅ We start by choosing a lens: current state vs. future state.
✅ Then, we choose a user who experiences the journey.
✅ We capture the situation/goals that we are focusing on.

✅ Next, we list high-level actions users are going through.
✅ We start by defining first and last stage, and fill in-between.
✅ You might start from the end to explore alternative routes.
🚫 Don’t get too granular: list key actions needed for next stage.
✅ Add user’s thoughts, feelings, sentiment, emotional curves.

✅ Add user’s key touchpoints with people, services, tools.
✅ Map user journey across mobile and desktop screens.
✅ Transfer insights from other research (e.g. customer support).
✅ Fill in stage after stage until the entire map is complete.

✅ Then, identify pain points and highlight them with red dots.
✅ Add relevant jobs-to-be-done, metrics, channels if needed.
✅ Attach links to quotes, photos, videos, prototypes, Figma files.
✅ Finally, explore ideas and opportunities to address pain points.

As Stéphanie Walter has noted, often user journeys start way before users actually start interacting with our product — so always consider non-digital touchpoints as well. Users might even need to consult other tools and services as they interact with yours, so keep track on them, too.

Personally, I found it remarkably useful to map user journeys against specific mobile and desktop screens that designers have been working on (Spotify model). Not only does it visualize user’s experience *in* the product — it also maps key actions to key screens that the teams must relentlessly focus on.

Useful resources:

Guide To Customer Journey Mapping (+ Free Template), by Taras Bakusevych

Complete Guide To User Journey Maps + Free Templates (Miro, PDF), by Stéphanie Walter

End-To-End User Experience Map (Figma), by Justin Tan

Designing Interactive UX Maps, by Megan Brown

Ultimate Guide to Experience Mapping, by Joshua Zak, Mackenzie Mitschke

User Journey Maps vs. Service Blueprints (+ Templates)

Useful Miro Templates For Designers, by yours truly

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