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Design System In 90 Days Canvas (FigJam template)

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Design System In 90 Days Canvas (FigJam template) (, with useful prompts to get a design system up and running — and adopted! — in 90 days, for small and large organizations that are building a design system or plan to set up one. Kindly shared by Dan Mall as a part of the Design System University. 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾

Useful prompts to kick off a design system effort:

1. What is important to our organization at the highest level?
2. Who is important to our design system effort?
3. What unofficial systems already exist in design and code?
4. Which teams have upcoming needs that a design system could solve?
5. Which teams have immediate needs that can grow our design system?
6. Which teams should we and have we talked to?
7. Which stakeholders should we and have we talked to?
8. What needs, desires, and concerns do our stakeholders have?
9. What components do product or feature teams need now or soon?
10. What end user problems/opportunities could a system address?
11. What did we learn about using other design systems?
12. What is our repeatable process for working on products?
13. What components will we start with?
14. What needs, desires, and concerns do our stakeholders share?
15. Where are our components currently being used or planned for?
16. What information do our customers need from a reference website?
17. When will we be working on each component?
18. How does our team make decisions?
19. How do we name our system to make people smile when they hear it?
20. What housekeeping items will we do in Systems Week?

A canvas often acts as a great conversation starter. It’s rarely complete, but it brings up topics and problems that one wouldn’t have discovered on spot. We won’t have answers to all questions right away, but we can start moving in the right direction to turn a design system effort into a success.

Useful resources:

Design System Questions To Answer In First 90 Days, by Dan Mall

Design System Canvas (PDF, Figjam), by Paavan Buddhdev

User-Centered Design Canvas (PDF), by Alina Prelicz, Leszek Zawadzki

Atomic UX Research Canvas, by Estefanía Montaña Buitrago

UX Research Kick-off Canvas, by Michael Bierens de Haan

“A Handbook of Me” Canvas (Figjam), by Slava Shestopalov

Sustainable UX Canvas, by Thorsten Jonas, Isabel Pettinato and many others

First 90 Days Plan For Designers, by yours truly Vitaly Friedman

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