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Dark Design Patterns Catalog

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12 Dark Design Patterns
Illegal in India

Unethical in any UX design X

False Urgency

Illusion of limited availability to rush buying decisions

Basket Sneaking

Secretly adds items at checkout, inflates cart total


Nudges with ridicule or fear, using guilt as sales tool

Forced Action

Compels add-on buys or unrelated downloads

Subscription Trap

Entraps with difficult exit process or unsubscribe

Interface Interference

Distorts info visibility, hiding what users need or want

Bait and Switch

Promises one outcome, but switches at last moment

Drip Pricing

Trickles extra fees, masking full cost until end

Disguised Advertising

Covertly presents ads as content to trick clicks


Repeatedly disrupts with annoying sale prompts

Trick Question

Confusing wording, double negatives for manipulation

Billing Surprise

Silent auto-renewals without notice

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